Reason Why You Should Join the Indian Armed Forces

Reason Why You Should Join the Indian Armed Forces

When preparing for SSB, young candidates face many obstacles. One of those hurdles is the most frequently asked in a personal interview. The question is, why do you want to join the Indian Army Force? Being in the Indian army, air force or navy is something different, it is a matter of pride. Therefore, those who join or wish to join the military can only describe how it feels to live out their dreams. Whether it’s respect, uniform, or responsibility, the Indian armed forces provide you with it all.

Here is the list of the following reasons Why You Should Join the Indian Armed Forces

1.) Serving the Motherland is the most important thing:

You can serve the Motherland in several ways. Administrative jobs are also valuable to the nation. At the same time, securing and serving it at the cost of living is an elite job that is incomparable. While serving on the border, marked in some of the rugged terrains of the world, motivation, leadership, and going beyond limits to save the motherland mean everything.

2.) Best opportunity for adventure and sports activities 

Adventure activities and sports events are common in the Armed Forces at every level. The Armed Forces serve in a variety of terrains and fields.

3.) An organized lifestyle with discipline

Every soldier in the Armed Forces follows discipline with an organized lifestyle that keeps life on track. This keeps mind and body active.

4.) Benefits and facilities for the family 

All soldiers, as well as their family members, are provided with medical care, canteen services, grocery services, housing, as well as water and electricity.

5.) Background and relatives 

Family background plays a big role in determining a person’s inclination toward the military. Most candidates who appear in SSBs come from a military family. IO can probe further by asking about the person serving or having served in the Armed Forces, your relationship with that person, etc.

6.) Honor and pride are symbols of uniforms 

Wearing a uniform and salutes adds a sense of respect and honor to a person. Respect is never given or transferred, it is earned.

7.) Fitness, education, and new tasks every day 

The soldier stays physically active and fit during his working years by exercising regularly and doing daily routine tasks. A healthy and fit body is conducive to a healthy mind.

8.) Every step is a new experience

At the climax of any crisis, the Indian Armed Force is the last line of Defence for the nation. Ultimately, this, in turn, increases the experience and teaches the methods to handle and deal with the rarest situations a person will ever face in their lifetime. It is a great way to learn for anyone.

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